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Country Home Revival with Exterior Painting In Gold Hill, OR

We had helped this country house homeowner update their home’s interior in the past. They were impressed with the quality and level of customer care we provided. Once they turned their focus outward and decided to give the exterior of their home a refresh with a brighter, more lively color palette, we were the first painting company in Grants Pass they called.

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Exterior Before Exterior After

Country House Revival Project Highlights

  • Power Wash Exterior Surfaces Of Home
  • Mask Windows, Trim, Nearby Landscaping
  • Scrape, Sand, and Prep Surfaces
  • Spray-Apply Exterior Paint To Siding
  • Paint Trim And Accent Colors
  • Remove Masking And Tidy The Property

Steps To This Country Home Exterior Painting Project

STEP 1: Provide Estimate

The homeowner wanted to refresh the exterior siding and trim of their home and give their country home a more traditional appearance.

They had an idea of what they wanted, but needed a little help choosing a color palette that reflected their personality and complemented the design of their home and landscaping. Our color consultant met with them to provide examples of color combinations and give them color recommendations. We left them with samples to put up on the wall and live with a little before making a final decision.

We took measurements and provided the homeowner with a tentative timeline. A cost estimate based on square footage and the number of colors chosen was given on the spot. Our estimator took time to learn about the homeowner’s lifestyle to set a painting schedule that kept disruptions to a minimum.

STEP 2: Color And Finish Selection

The homeowner chose a cheerful yellow and blue color combination. This will transform their subdued home into a bright, lively, and inviting space that complements the traditional style of their country home.

STEP 3: Schedule Exterior Painting

With colors selected, we solidified the cost and worked with the homeowners to set a painting schedule. We explained the exterior repainting process and answered any questions they had while ensuring we would communicate with them openly throughout the painting project.

We set a start date and ordered materials.

Grants Pass Painting Trailer

Exterior Painting Day 1

The crew leader met with the homeowner to discuss the timeline and process.

They did a walkthrough with the homeowner and learned if there were any pets to be concerned about, children with schedules to accommodate, and any other homeowner needs or expectations so we could ensure a pleasant exterior painting experience from start to finish.


STEP 4: Power Washing Exterior

Before masking, scraping, and sanding the exterior of the home, we thoroughly clean all surfaces with power washing.

STEP 5: Sand and Prep for Repainting

Our painting crew masked windows and bushes, and tarped the ground below. They sanded and scraped off any chipping, flaking, and weathered paint from the home’s exterior.

Once we cleaned the shavings and debris off the home’s surfaces, we were ready to paint.

Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting Day 2

STEP 5: Repainting

Our painters got to work spray-applying the exterior paint to the siding of the home.

This transformation is coming along nicely!

STEP 6: Painting Accents and Trim

Once the refinished siding had cured, our painting pros painted the gable, fascia, soffits, gutters, and trim.

home exterior

Home Exterior Painting Day 3

STEP 6: Remove Masking And Clean Up Property

With the exterior house painting complete, all that’s left is to remove the masking and clean up the property.

Our professional painting team takes great care to leave the property cleaner and in better condition than when we began.

They remove any paint that may have gotten on sidewalks, sweep and clean any surfaces, and remove all debris. All the homeowner has to do is enjoy how beautiful their home looks now.

team members

STEP 7: The Final Inspection and Walk-through with the Homeowner

Before we leave any painting job, our crew leader does a thorough walk-through. We make any final touch-ups necessary.

We set aside time to walk through the finished project with the homeowner and ensure they are completely satisfied with the result before leaving.

While providing premium quality painting is our profession, exceptional customer care is at the core of everything we do.

This Grants Pass, Oregon, Country Home Revival Is Complete.

The Finished Country Home Revival Project

The homeowner was thrilled with the finished result of their home revival and how smooth and pleasant the exterior home painting experience was.

You can see the transformation below.

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