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Cabinet Painting

The Perfect Makeover For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where friends and family gather for meals, celebrations, and good times. You use your kitchen every day, so of course you want it to look as good as possible, but it can be quite costly to remodel your kitchen. Cabinet re-finishing can transform the look of your kitchen at less than half the cost of replacing cabinets and at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel. It’s also a resourceful, eco-friendly choice making use of what you have. Re-finishing your cabinets with Grants Pass Painting is a great way to achieve that new kitchen look without breaking the bank.

5-Day Cabinets*

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

  1. Disassembly & Labeling: Day one involves removing all drawers and doors for finishing at our shop. It’s critical to label doors, drawers, and adjustable hinges to make sure everything goes back together exactly as it came apart.
  2. Cleaning: Cabinets are often subject to food staining, soap residue, and other household contaminants, so it is imperative to make sure they are clean prior to any further work. Sanding before cleaning can actually imbed these substances into the surface of the cabinet rather than remove them. There is no substitute for thorough  cleaning.
  3. Filling: Dings and dents are inevitable with the amount of traffic in a kitchen or bathroom, so the next step is to fill these imperfections. Grain filling is also an option to provide a superior smooth finish to porous grain woods such as oak.
  4. Sanding: After filling, all fillers are sanded smooth. At the same time, all surfaces are scuff sanded to dull the finish and allow the primer to stick properly.
  5. Priming: Depending on the original condition of your cabinets a high adhesion primer or an oil-based primer is selected to serve as the base-coat.
  6. Caulking: Small seams and joints are not always visible with dark colors, but become apparent when changing from a dark color or stained wood to a light, solid color. Caulking these lines not only improves the finished appearance, but also improves the durability. Delamitation of the finish due to moisture intrusion is common when these seams are not sealed properly. Caulking is always wiped clean for the best result.
  7. Finishing: All surfaces are given 2-3 coats of finish. It’s important to apply the correct film thickness. Too thin or too thick can cause issues. All doors and drawers are finished by spray at our shop, while the cabinet boxes can be done by spray or by brush/roller. Spraying does provide the smoothest possible finish, but involves extensive masking and restricts access to the kitchen during finishing. Painting the boxes by Brush & Roller is far less intrusive and does not compromise the quality of the finish. You may also be surprised at how smooth a finish we can accomplish by hand. In the case of course grain oak cabinets, painting them by hand actually fills the wood pores better than spraying them, eliminating pinholing and  resulting in a better overall finish.
  8. Reassembly & Clean-up: The final step is putting everything back together and cleaning up. We want your newly finished cabinets to be the only thing on your mind when we’re finished, so we do all we can to leave everything as clean as possible.

*Most kitchens can be finished in one work week (5 days). Our goal is to start on a Monday and have your kitchen ready for use by the weekend. This can vary with the size and complexity of the job.

Choosing The Best Look For Your Kitchen Cabinets

What kind of impression do you want to make with your kitchen? If you want something dramatic, vibrant, and bold, go for it! We’ll apply splashes of contrasting bright colors to make your kitchen come alive. A minimalist look is also a popular option. Simple, clean color choices that coordinate with your furniture and appliances can bring the whole room together. If you love the rustic “shabby-chic” vibe, we can do that too. We can provide a distressed look, while maintaining a high quality, washable finish.  Cabinet re-staining is a great choice if you want something natural and neutral. Whatever you want, we’ll help you choose the best look for your kitchen to achieve your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use oil-based or water-based paints? What are the differences and benefits?

We mainly use water-based acrylic latex paints, but we sometimes use oil-based products as needed for stain blocking or premium performance and durability. Water-Based products which were at one time new technology and poor quality have eveolved into extremely high quality finishes. New Water-Based Acrylic-Alkyd Hybrid finishes are taking water-based coatings to the next level.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

CCB# 235704

Can You Use Water-Based Paint Over A Surface That Was Previously Painted With Oil?

Yes, but it requires proper preparation and the correct primer. Oil based enamels or varnishes are hard and slick, requiring sanding and/or adhesion primer for water-based paints to adhere properly. Exterior Oil-based penetrating stains must be primed with slow-dry oil-based primer before painting with a water-based product. There are also a couple other exceptions when it comes to this process, so it is best to talk to us directly or to a trusted, knowledgeable paint supplier.

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Ready to Get Started?

If you have a project on the horizon, we invite you to contact us today. With an unwavering commitment to customer care and satisfaction, we’re proud to have become one of the most trusted local painting companies in Grants Pass and Southern Oregon. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you.