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Cabinet Refinishing for a Happy Homeowner in Grants Pass, OR

7 Steps To Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Kitchen Before Kitchen After

Cabinet refinishing is a quick and cost-effective way to update your kitchen.

Giving your kitchen cabinets a new coat of paint and modern pulls can completely transform your kitchen for a fraction of what cabinet replacement costs.

We recently had the opportunity to breathe new life into some dated kitchen cabinets for a homeowner in Grants Pass, Oregon. The homeowner wanted to brighten their kitchen and give it a modern, clean look.

Here is how the project went.

Cabinet Repainting Project Highlights

  • Disassemble Cabinets
  • Sand And Clean Surfaces
  • Prime And 2-3 Coats Of Emerald Urethane Paint Or Waterborne Lacquer Applied
  • Re-Assembled Cabinets
  • Installed New Pulls

**All materials and clean-up included.

Steps To Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

STEP 1: Color And Finish Selection

The homeowner wanted to transform their kitchen with a bright white modern look. We helped them choose a color and sheen that would achieve their goals. They chose a bright white semi-finish. We recommended applying a durable urethane topcoat to protect the finish from chipping, wear and make them easy to clean.

They opted to replace the pulls and hardware with a modern minimalist design that beautifully complemented the tile, countertop, and flooring. The contrast made their kitchen appear open and spacious.

STEP 2: Disassemble The Kitchen Cabinets

We removed the pulls, cabinet doors, and drawer covers and took them to our shop.

STEP 3: Sand And Prep For Repainting

A team worked on sanding and prepping the kitchen cabinets in the home, while another team sanded and prepped the doors and drawer covers in the shop.

Cabinet Painting

STEP 4: Repainting

Our painters got to work applying the white paint to the cabinets in the kitchen and the doors and drawer covers in the shop, allowing them to dry between coats.

Looking good!

STEP 5: Applying Urethane To Protect The Finish

Once the final coat of color had cured, we applied three coats of Emerald Urethane to kitchen cabinets to protect the finish and provide durability, making them easy to clean and resistant to staining and moisture.

STEP 6: Reassemble The Finished Cabinets

Once the urethane had cured, our team reassembled the kitchen cabinets.

STEP 7: The Finishing Touches

To complete this kitchen cabinet refinishing project, we installed the new pulls they chose. The transformation is complete.

The Finished Cabinet Repainting Project

The homeowner couldn’t believe it was the same kitchen when we finished.

They love the look of their kitchen cabinets and updated kitchen.

It was a pleasure helping this homeowner bring their kitchen into the 21st Century with kitchen cabinet refinishing.

If you are considering renovating your Grants Pass area kitchen, cabinet refinishing is an economical way to give your kitchen a look you’ll love. Talk to us today to find out if cabinet refinishing is right for you.

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